Starkids is housed in a 3300sqft three floor corner building built as per CMDA approved plan. It is one of the largest play schools in Chennai. It can comfortably accomodate 150 children. It is airy, spacious, very well ventilated, clean toilets as approved by Dept of health and sanitation (certificate obtained).

It has fire safety clearance from fire & rescue department ,Govt of Tamilnadu. We have installed fire extinguisher for fire safety purpose starkids has obtained mandatory approval from Dept of school Education Government Tamilnadu.

Starkids brand has been registered as all India brand with the register of copyright Govt of India . Our school has obtained building stability certificate from the Corporation of Chennai.

The school provides plenty of non-toxic play toys for kids to play and enjoy. Starkids is equipped with CCTV camera for safety and security. Classrooms are fitted with air conditioning for kid comforts. RO Water is provided to Kids for drinking.